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1979 Cessna 172N "Skyhawk"
Trouble Free Flying At Its Very Best
The Perfect First Airplane or Trainer
We're Thrilled To Have It Back On Our Ramp.
Opportunity Is Knocking Again! CALL US!
You'll think it's brand new for many, many $$$$ less

5100 1300 N/A N/A
ZAON Collision Avoidance System W/Moving Map

COLORS: Exterior 1/11 100 % Up-dated Paint Scheme and Teflon Finish

Interior Plus All New Color Coordinated Plastic, Grey/Grey Tweed

AVIONICS: Full IFR and Very Efficient

Apollo Morrow II GPS

Cessna Audio Panel

AVMap Pilot II GPS

Michaels MX 170 Digital Dual Nav/Comms w/GS

King KT 76A Transponder

Two Recent "New" Flip-Flop Digital Radios

OPTIONS: Everything You'd Need For Training and travel!

Avionics Master Switch Inspection Steps and Handles

Shoulder Harnesses Wheel Pants w/Trim

Dual PTT Tail Beacon

New Light Weight Starter Rosen Sun Visors

Wheel Pants Quartz Multifunction Electric Clock

Hobbs Meter and Map Lites Sigtronics 400 Intercom w/PTT


Recent Up-grades and Much, Much, More!

HISTORY: Complete and Continuous Logs, NDH

This Is Truly A Wonderful First Airplane or time builder, PLUS style and comfort!
It would be a joy as a Commuter!
Everything You Need And More Is Here!
$200,000 Less Than A New One and Just As Fast
Come See Feel and . . . TOUCH! The Best 1st Airplane

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided by Jorgenson-Lawrence aircraft as introductory information only, and do not constitute representations or warranties. You should rely upon your own aircraft inspection.

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