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1978 Cessna 182 Skylane
A better than great opportunity to fly a 182Q
At a fraction of the cost of a New One.
This 182 flew to England and back without any mods.
It is the ONLY 182 we know of in California
With a Greenland Aviation Authority Sticker on the Tail.

4375 875 N/A See

Comprehensive Fresh Annual + New Cylinders

COLORS: Exterior White Base with Blue Trim

Interior Coordinated Blues, Recently Installed Pilot Seat Safety Strap.

AVIONICS: Lots of all the things you want and need

Garmin 430 IFR-GPS Plus Terrain and Traffic

Garmin 330 With Mode "S" Transponder

Garmin 496 Panel Mounted

King KX 155 TSO Nav/Com +Dual GS+VOR

Century IIB Autopilot w/Bug Also tracks GPS

King Electric Back Up Attitude Indicator

Nothing missing here!

OPTIONS: Room for a little more!

Long Range Fuel (80 Gal) Vertical Card Compass

Articulating Front Seat Wing Tip Strobes and Tail Beacon

Shoulder Harness Static Wicks

Rosen Sun Visors External Power Plug

True Speed Indicator Extended Luggage Shelf

Portable Oxygen System Handheld Radio External Antenna

HISTORY: Superb maintenance, no MDH, Wing bird strike and a little hangar rash, complete and continuous logs.

What could be better. Full fuel, seats and luggage plus great comfort for X-country flying.
This is the TRUE Family Airplane!
Please Contact: Larry Shapiro Very Motivated Seller

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided by Jorgenson-Lawrence aircraft as introductory information only, and do not constitute representations or warranties. You should rely upon your own aircraft inspection.

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